Our Process

Our Process

It all starts with a plan.

A good financial plan finds the right balance of enjoying the present and saving for the future. A good plan also provides a framework for evaluating important financial decisions.

We have spent years perfecting our initial planning process. The result is an efficient and enjoyable three-meeting engagement that will accelerate your path to prosperity.

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    Introductory Call

    The introductory call is a complimentary 15-20 minute call with a Wealth Accel advisor. We will answer any questions you have and take the time to understand how we can help you.

    After the call, we will send you an initial planning proposal outlining the services we recommend and the price of the initial planning engagement.

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    Once you sign the initial planning proposal, we will schedule a brief onboarding call to help you establish access to our client website and discuss the information we need to begin the planning process.

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    Meeting One

    Our first meeting focuses on clearly defining where you are at now and where you would like to be in the future. Our interactive goal-setting discussion gives you the ability to see your current trajectory and future possibilities.

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    Meeting Two

    Our second meeting begins with your baseline financial plan. Your baseline plan is our first attempt at building a path to reaching your goals.

    Once you understand the baseline plan, we will turn our attention to the decision points within your plan. Decision points are choices you have that impact your plan. We will help you evaluate your options by illustrating the effects of each decision point.

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    Meeting Three

    During the concluding meeting, we will provide our final recommendations for aligning your financial life with your goals. We will include suggestions for improving your investment portfolio, insurance coverages, and savings plan.

    We will also discuss our two service options for ongoing guidance and support of your plan and which one is right for you.

Take The First Step

Schedule an introductory meeting today.


Put your plan into action.

Implementation and follow up will depend on whether you want to manage and monitor your own financial plan or hire us to do this for you.

Self-Directed Client

Self-directed clients implement and monitor their own financial plan. We provide support on an as-needed basis through our Financial Coaching service.

Wealth Management Client

As a wealth management client, you will benefit from our professional investment management service and ongoing financial advice from your dedicated advisor.

Take Control of Your Financial Future.

We will show you how.