Investment Management

Investment Philosophy

Relationship Driven Investment Management.

We are not bound to a single investment approach, nor do we chase the latest trend. We combine quantitative and fundamental analysis with empirical research from industry thought leaders.

We analyze all aspects of your current financial situation, identify any major risks to financial and human capital, and discuss desired outcomes prior to constructing your personal portfolio.

We understand our responsibility and fiduciary duty as advisers and will always uphold our clients’ interests above our own.

While Wall Street can be mired in short-term-ism, individual investors can embrace the long-term, which is our greatest advantage. Investors who follow a prescribed plan achieve a higher degree of investing success than those who let emotional biases or daily market activity drive their behavior.

Investment Process

Our independence gives us the freedom and flexibility to build portfolios that are responsive to our client’s needs.

Goals & Objectives

Understanding the growth rate required to reach your goals and your ability to tolerate short-term market volatility is our first step in the investment process.

Portfolio Design

Allocating your portfolio across asset classes such as US stocks, international stocks, real estate, and bonds determines the vast majority of the risk and return you can expect from your portfolio.

We take a strategic approach that focuses on finding the optimal percentage for each asset class and locating each asset class in the appropriate accounts.

Security Selection

Our next step is to select investments to represent each asset class. We primarily use mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide broad diversification and low internal costs.

Monitor & Rebalance

Our rigorous rebalancing methodology takes advantage of the times when emotions are moving markets. Buying when other market participants are acting irrationally pessimistic, and selling when they are overly optimistic is the key to building long-term wealth.

Invest With Confidence.

Invest with Wealth Accel.