Financial Coaching

The guidance you need to successfully manage your money without giving up control of your accounts.

The requirement to transfer your assets to an advisor before you get financial advice has left many people who are comfortable managing their investments without access to financial planning services.

Through our Financial Coaching service, we provide high-impact financial advice without requiring you to give up control of your investment accounts.

All you need is the time, interest, and desire to manage your own money. We will supply the rest.

Financial Coaching Services

After you have gone through our Initial Planning Process, you will have access to our Financial Coaching services.

We charge an hourly rate so what you pay is based solely on the work we do for you.

Portfolio Review

We provide a full review of your portfolio and recommend improvements to your asset allocation, investment vehicles, and account custodians.

Annual Review

Our Annual Review offering is a combination of our Portfolio Review and Financial Quick Check services. We will review your financial plan and your investment portfolio to make sure both are current and effective.

General Coaching Session

A General Coaching Session is helpful when you face a financial decision, and you would like a second opinion. Most General Coaching Sessions can be completed in one call.

Financial Quick Check

Our Financial Quick check is focused exclusively on your financial plan. We will update and review your plan to account for any changes that have taken place since our last review.

Annual Tax Review

Our Annual Tax Review session will help you identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability. We will construct a tax projection for the current year to identify potential tax saving strategies before the end of the year.

Implementation Session

Implementation Sessions are designed to teach you how to place trades, open new accounts, consolidate old accounts, and other actions required to manage your finances.

Get your financial house in order and keep it that way with our client website.

The client site provides view-only access to all of your financial accounts. It’s an excellent tool for organizing and simplifying your financial life.

By keeping your client site current, you make it easier for us to prepare for meetings which will lower the cost of your financial coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do meetings take place?

    Meetings primarily take place over the phone. However, if you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, you are more than welcome to come into our office to meet in person.

  • When can I schedule meetings?

    We provide flexible meeting times. No need to take time off work to make progress on your financial goals.

  • How much do coaching sessions cost?

    The cost of a Financial Coaching Session depends on the complexity of the work we do for you. We will provide a quote upfront with the cost of each coaching session.

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